Marketing Your Home Inspection Business

10 Nov 2020 1:00 PM | Taylor Newcomer-Diaz (Administrator)

You’ve passed your test, decided on a business name, got your insurance and figured out your branding, now it’s time to market yourself! If you have yet to figure out your branding, head over to our blog post about that here. (link post)

As the new owner of your home inspecting business, marketing is going to be a key factor to getting new customers. While friends, family and word of mouth are all great places to start, you will quickly learn that you must start to make new connections outside of your inner circle.

The first thing that you are going to need (after you have figured out your branding) is your website. The majority of people will find their contractors via Google and their websites. This is often one of the first things that people see. It needs to clearly show the potential customer WHY they should hire you and what you will do for them! Another big thing is making sure that there is a clear and visible way to get in touch if they want to book. One of the quickest ways to loose a customer is if the booking process is too long or too many steps.

After you have built your website, you are going to want a social media presence. If you are new to social media, I would suggest starting with one or two platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn and then working your way to others. You will want to post things on your pages that are relevant to your customers. Things about you, your services, reviews, home inspection news and tons more are all great post ideas.

Another crucial step to starting your marketing of your business is building your Google My Business and putting your company on other pages such as Yelp and Angie’s List. The more places that your name and brand are listed, the more chances that someone has to find you.

Aside from online marketing, always make sure you have business cards handy as you never know who you might run into! You should always be handing out business cards every time you connect with someone new or mention anything about your business.

There are many other ways to market your business as a home inspector. There is also a ton more about how to utilize Facebook and Google My Business. We understand that marketing and branding is not for everyone. If you are thinking to yourself “how I am even supposed to design a business card?”, let ATI Academy help! We have staff dedicated to helping home inspectors like you with their branding and marketing side of their business!

Email us today at to find out how we can help you excel at your marketing!






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